Intense Pulsed Light – IPL

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Intense pulsed light can treat the following:

  • Pigmented Lesions
  • Vascular Lesions (small blood vessels)
  • Freckles
  • Rosacea
  • Age Spots
  • Uneven Skin Texture
  • Acne Scars

The innovative technology behind Intense Pulsed Light uses powerful light to treat numerous skin concerns. The targeted energy deeply penetrates the skin to decrease pigmentation problems, signs of aging, red flushing, rosacea, broken capillaries, acne scars, and even active acne. You can enjoy smooth and even-toned skin without extended recovery time or the expense of surgery.

During a consultation at Quiet Waters Medical Esthetics, you will receive a comprehensive treatment plan. This plan will outline your specific cosmetic concerns in the treatment area, the number of sessions needed, and detailed instructions about preparing your skin before Intense Pulsed Light. Our team can also help you schedule your appointments ahead of time and get you ready for your first session.

Intense Pulsed Light Before Treatment

To enhance your results and protect your skin, we highly recommend the following steps:

  • Use a moisturizer with 30+ SPF to protect your skin from sun exposure
  • Stop any medications that may cause excess bleeding
  • Discontinue antibiotics (if advised by your general physician)
  • Avoid retinoids that cause skin sensitivity
  • Drink water before and after your treatment

On the day of your procedure, do not wear makeup or other skin care products. Our team will provide a more comprehensive list before your IPL session, but please let us know if you have any questions during your assessment.

Intense Pulsed Light During Treatment

Treatments are quick and usually take about 30-60 minutes.

We begin by cleaning the treatment area. A technician will then dry your skin and place protective goggles over your eyes. Once you feel ready, we move our cooling handpiece over the area of concern so the surrounding skin remains protected. You may feel a little flash of heat and slight discomfort throughout the treatment, but this is temporary. The great news is that there is no downtime or peeling with our Intense Pulsed Light. You can wear makeup immediately after your visit.

Intense Pulsed Light After TreatmentIt’s normal for freckles and sunspots to get darker before they flake off within one to three weeks.

Who is a good candidate for IPL?

While IPL is a very versatile and effective procedure, it may not be the best fit for every person and condition. For instance, Intense Pulsed Light is not recommended on very dark or tan skin. During your consultation, we'll discuss if IPL therapy is the right path for you to reach your goals.

If you have questions about how Intense Pulsed Light can help you get younger-looking skin, we invite you to schedule a consultation and see some of our before and after photos. We'll work with you to create a customized treatment plan that will help you reach the healthy, youthful glow you desire!

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Before and After

54786 IPL Before and After

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is an effective light treatment for removal of cherry angiomas. Also known as the Photo Facial laser, the IPL works to reduce the redness and vascularity present in hemangiomas.


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